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Everyday Kanji (Kanji on the Street)

Learn from Real Japanese! ~ Kanji on the Street ~
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One Kanji a lesson. Learn its Meaning, Reading, Writing (stroke order in animation) and Usage (in a sentence & signboards)
How to read Japanese signboards that actually exist in Japan.
Understand Japanese major signboards. It would be very useful when you actually visit Japan or living in Japan.

Everyday Kanji introduces 1 Kanji a video. Introducing the meaning of the Kanji, reading (for both On-yomi and Kun-yomi) and stroke order of a Kanji in animation. In addition, example sentences of the Kanji and real Japanese signboard, Kanban on the street are shown.

Occasionally there are review and summary of the lessons so that you can enhance your memory and prepare for the day you're visiting Japan. All lessons are practical as it's really used in real Japanese.

Everyday Kanji (Kanji on the Street)
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