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Everyday Chinese Challenge for Beginners

Let's learn Chinese step by step
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Deep understanding of 151 handy words
Detailed explanation of 81 daily expressions
Fundamental Chinese grammar
A lot of practice following the teacher to make sure your pronunciation is accurate

Course description

Hello, welcome to Everyday Chinese Challenge for beginners!

  • Each section in this course is designed for one day's study. So you can schedule your time efficiently and take one section each day.

  • There are three parts to each section:

    1. Study - You will learn the new vocabulary and expressions in details

    2. Practice - Following the teacher, you can practice your pronunciation and make it accurate

    3. Review - Following the teacher's instruction, you can test whether you got the expressions correctly

  • After you finish one section or the whole course, if you want to reinforce your knowledge, practice speaking, or test yourself again, they can easily go back to the corresponding part.

Let's do it now! I look forward to seeing you on the course and hope you enjoy learning Chinese with me!

Everyday Chinese Challenge for Beginners
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