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Evergreen Oil Pastel Painting Lesson

Paint-along art lesson
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Learn techniques I used in this painting
Of course you have a painting with you if you paint along with me.

This is a paint along art lesson that will guide you from start to the end of painting.

This Lessons will give you tips, and techniques to do this Painting.

Whether you are completely new to pastel painting, or looking to build on "the foundation of knowledge you already have", this lesson is for you.   I will show you different techniques like Heavy Pressure Blending, Light Pressure Blending, Color Mixing, Stippling, Scum-bling,  sgraffito as and when required.

I will help you to gain confidence with the medium and learn to create, simple yet dynamic compositions.  You will learn my techniques for using loose, confident mark-making to convey energy and emotion as you paint the landscape!

Feel free to contact me if you need help on the lesson.

Evergreen Oil Pastel Painting Lesson
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