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Wedding MC Masterclass From Beginners To Professional Part 1

International speakers coach MC Pete Miller Teaches How Become A Star Emcee & Funny Event Host MC @ Wedding Receptions
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Know what to expect as a wedding MC (Master of Ceremonies) aka emcee
Understand how straightforward hosting a wedding reception really is
Handle the basics of preparing, presenting, and performing as an entertaining and organised Event Host MC
Learn that MCing weddings is not as difficult as many others make it seem
Greater understanding of your own sense of humour and how to use it on stage
Think with both sides of your brain at the same time
Judge whether or not to pursue further training and graduate into a professional Event Host MC career

It's your time right now. Join the explosion in demand for professional emcees worldwide.

Udemy student Saint Sobner Dic said: It is a wonderful experience. The excitement of the instructor was very contagious.


Turn your awesome public speaking talent into money-making skills by learning how to work as an entertaining and organized wedding MC.

Learn from the best in the business and skyrocket your on-stage career.

AdeTheSmoothTalker wrote: "Phenomenal stuff"

EVENT HOST mini MASTERCLASS gives you all the tools needed to build real rapport with a crowd, deliver speeches and anecdotes with confidence and passion, and become known as the “Fun MC.”

Learn the secrets to getting paid as the public speaker who leads an elegant wedding reception using the power of their personality.

Udemy student Ryan J Collins raved:

As an aspiring wedding and event DJ, this course logically presents real-world tips and tricks to hosting a smooth event.

I found the real-world video vignettes to be the most helpful where I could study the coaches mannerisms and body language.

The downloadable resources are of great help to refer to later on.


We cover

  • What templates to use to save time

  • Crowd psychology and how to get the audience to do as you want

  • Becoming the leader and still manage to keep it light and easy

  • How to project your voice above loud music and disruptive audience chatter

  • Microphone technique so you are in control

  • Personal branding

  • Getting booked

  • Marketing your services

  • How much $$$ to charge

Dwayne Diamond said: I've done some wedding emceeing and his advice is right on point.


As the controller of the event, you make a major positive impact in the lives of, not just the bride and groom, but all their family and their friends.

It’s the Event Host MC who brings all the preparations, the dreams and desires together for one memorable occasion. 

You’ve got to get it right and I’m here to guarantee that you do. See you on stage. Pete Miller 3x awarded "MC of the Year" (ABIA)

Udemy student Lee Edge explained:

This was my first training course and what a great one to start off with.

Thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish especially liked the quizzes that scored what you've learnt already and what you need to go back over.

I would recommend this for anyone looking to get into Wedding Mcing :)


* all of the testimonials here are taken directly from the course students own independent feedback and assessments that you can also verify on the site

I have paid special attention to Valuable information | Clear explanations | Engaging delivery | Helpful practice activities | Accurate course description | Knowledge of the instructor because I know that's what you expect from a quality Udemy course.

I am always adding more materials to improve and broaden the course experience and takeaways.

and finally, Andy Mailangkay said an emcee from Indonesia:

Very enjoyable course to follow, tons of useful knowledge to learn and apply. I wish I had this course a long time ago.

Wedding MC Masterclass From Beginners To Professional Part 1
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