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Evangelism: Theology & Praxis

A study of the Biblical & Theological foundations of evangelism with an overview of methodologies
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The theological and Biblical foundations of Evangelism and the methodologies that emerge from those foundations

Introduction: Investigating the Literature on this subject

1. What is Evangelism? (Matthew): Sharing "good news" and making disciples

Reading the Gospels "backwards"

The Theology of Mission in the Gospel of Matthew

2. What is a disciple? (Mark): Learners and Followers

The Story of the disciples in the Gospel of Mark

Fisher of Men

The Sower

Who do men say I am?

Take up your Cross

The Naked Disciple

Alternative Endings

3. What do disciples do? (Luke): Speakers and Doers- "Simple, mobile & urgent"

The activity of evangelism in the Gospel of Luke

Genealogy & Prophecy

"The Son of Man came to seek and save the lost"

4. What do disciples say? (John): Encounters and Conversations

A series of Encounters

The Word and the world



The Woman at the Well


5. Acts: The Church in Action - The corporate practice of evangelism

Acts 2 - Power for Witness

Acts 3,4 Persecution & Prayer

Acts 8 A Model Evangelist

Acts 9 The Importance of Story

Acts 13 A Sending Church

Acts 17 Athens & the Gospel in our world

Acts 19 Church Planting

6. The Letters of Paul: Ambassadors, Mobile teams, Spiritual Gifts, Cultural contexts

Church as the basis of evangelism

Speech as the process of communication

Hospitality as Evangelism

7. Rethinking Evangelism: What fits the context where you are?

Cultural/ Social/ Religious

Finding a Third Place

8. Reviewing Methods of Evangelism: What methodologies are available?

Journey Courses

Arts Evangelism



Other Methods

9. Conclusions- Taking the next step: How do we go forward from this course?

Evangelism: Theology & Praxis
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