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Euskera / Basque Language - Online Course (1st English ed.)

Learn the Basque language from the very basics and achieve fluency in this ancient and wonderful language from Spain
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Alphabet, basic phonotactics and pronunciation of the Basque language / Euskera
Fundamental notions of the grammar of the Basque language / Euskera
Basic conversation sentences of the Basque language / Euskera

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Start learning Euskera / Basque from the very basics and get confident using this language. In this online course you will be able to familiarize with the pronunciation and orthography, you will start to get basic vocabulary and know the basics of conversation. You will progress throughout the course and will know how its grammar works. Of course, this material will be taught in English, and anybody who is curious enough will be able to take it.

In the first block of the course you will be taught the alphabet and the most common consonant groups formed in the Basque language, as well as the syllabic structure of the words in the Euskera language. Once the pronunciation is covered, you will learn the basics of conversation and the basic structure of the sentences.

While you learn about the Basque language, you will also learn important vocabulary mainly borrowed from the Spanish language, so you'll be learning part of another one too. Great! And, to properly kickstart in this language, you will be provided with a Swadesh list of the Basque language, 100 basic words which are commonly used in the majority of the languages.

At the end of the course, you will have access to the dictionary of the course, which you can use for the exercises, to form your own sentences, to solve the exercises, etc.

Make sure you pass all the exercises shown during the course so you can obtain the final certification, which I recommend you download and print.

Euskera / Basque Language - Online Course (1st English ed.)
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