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PROFESSIONS | European Portuguese Vocabulary - Course 2

Learn European Portuguese Vocabulary by Topics | Portuguese for Beginners, learn words and sentences in 3 simple steps
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Words and sentences in European Portuguese (Portuguese from Portugal), about Professions
Build a solid base of vocabulary in Portuguese and related sentences, by topic
Start to practice the Portuguese pronunciation
Begin to understand what is being said back to you in Portuguese language
To be more than just a tourist when traveling to Portuguese speaking countries
Get an introduction to the Portuguese language with ease
Start to understand when you hear words in the Portuguese language
Names and descriptions of things in Portuguese
Learn Portuguese the easy way, practicing in small lessons that take just a few minutes
Convert the waiting times of your daily routine into learning moments

Hello and welcome! | Olá e bem-vindo!

Let's learn more about the European Portuguese Language in 3 simple steps!

In this course you will learn words and sentences about: PROFESSIONS.

With this European Portuguese language course you can learn quicker utilizing a few learning apparatuses together, you will get:

  • Bilingual Reading - to assist you with understanding the significance of the new words in Portuguese (Português de Portugal)

  • Tuning in to Portuguese – to hear the Portuguese articulation (that is not quite the same as Brazilian Portuguese)

  • Pictures - to help remember the new jargon by affiliation it with the article/circumstance

  • Activities - to continue and affirm the jargon you are learning

  • Themes – the course is sorted out by subjects to assist you with learning European Portuguese words that are connected

  • Steps – the exercises are sorted out in little strides to get quick outcomes and keep your eagerness

This is the ideal course to learn Portuguese for Beginners.

The exercises are engaged, handy and powerful, are ready for English Speakers and sorted out in little advances that are simpler to fit in your ordinary breaks. That way you can make propensities to adapt reliably, retain the data all the more rapidly, and recall Portuguese jargon better.

This course will likewise set you up for next levels in your expectation to absorb information in the Portuguese language.

Check the free introduction and see some exercise to understand how simple and fun it very well may be to learn European Portuguese in this course.

Let’s Start Learning Portuguese Today?
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PROFESSIONS | European Portuguese Vocabulary - Course 2
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