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EU MDR Regulation 2017/745 - Essential Awareness Exam

Self Assess and improve your knowledge on the essentials of EU MDR 2017/745 which is going to be enforced on May-2020
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Self assessment on EU MDR Knowledge
Empower to acquire fundamentals EU MDR

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The European Medical Device Regulation (MDR) is a novel collection of regulations that encompasses the manufacturing and distribution of medical devices instruments in Europe, and fulfillment of the regulation will be mandatory for medical device companies after the enforcement for all those companies who want to sell their devices in the markets of European countries. Now the companies need individuals who are well trained and competent regarding the new requirements of EU MDR.

The practice exam is made envisioning this issue, to help delegates self assess themselves on essential changes in the new regulations. After the individuals complete one practice test, they can review their answers with the textual explanation provided by the Instructor.


Exam Composition

You will be assessed when you take this online exam in following areas (Course Objectives):

  • The Classification of Medical Devices

  • The Rules of the MDR

  • Important definitions regarding device exposure

  • Unique Device Identifier


  • Sub-classification of Class I

  • New Products incorporated under the scope of new MDR

  • Enforcement and Publication Timelines of the New MDR

  • MDR Versus MDD


Food for Thought

Be Familiar with EU MDR Regulation knowledge which you hold...

If you think you are an expert in EU MDR Regulation after taking courses on the subject and working with Quality Systems...

You need to hold on!

Join this exam and self assess yourself!

Maybe you need to learn and learn...

Or you can prove your knowledge and expertise by successfully completing this exam.

Both ways, you are in a win-win situation.


Good news: We will be adding more content for example case studies to practice tests in the future. If you feel that you lack the knowledge you can take  EU MDR Regulation courses from Udemy or the instructor to guide you on gaining  EU MDR Regulation knowledge.


EU MDR Regulation File: The regulation is published in Official Journal of the European Union. One can view and obtain it online, if you are facing any difficulties, the instructor can help you to have that document. 


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EU MDR Regulation 2017/745 - Essential Awareness Exam
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