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How To Start, Grow And Market An Etsy Printables Shop

Start Your Etsy Side Hustle Today!
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What is an Printable
How to decide what they should sell
What is brand messaging and how to create it
What is a brand kit and how to create it
How to create there Printables without having Graphic Designer experience
How to market their shop on Pinterest
How to create a Pinterest account and Pins
How to schedule Pins to target your audience
How to create systems for your shop
How to understand and analyze data given to you to grow your shop
How to grow and sustain your shop

Start a side hustle that provides you with passive income so you can stop trading your time for money. An Etsy printable shop is the perfect side hustle for busy people, the best part, you can use skills you already have! Life is too short to not buy that dress you love or enjoy a night out, don't let life weigh you down, stop feeling stuck and start feeling excited!

If you are looking for a way to make life easier, and increase disposable income while creating a fun side hustle with skills you already have... then this course is for you!

In Etsy printables School you will learn the 8 Pillars to a successful Etsy shop. Everything from deciding on what to sell, to marketing it and growing your shop.

This course will teach you how to start a fun and creative side hustle perfect for busy people. You choose how and when you put the effort in to grow your shop.

Stop feeling like you're constantly falling behind and start feeling inspired and excited to share your creativity with the world and live the life you dream of!

Who Is This Course For

  • Someone who is excited and ready to learn

  • Someone who loves expressing themselves in any which way

  • Someone that wants to create another income stream

  • Someone ready to stop living paycheck to paycheck

Who Is This Course Not For

  • Someone looking for a get rich quick situation

  • Someone not willing to put the work in

  • Someone that plans to copy or use current designs on Etsy to make their shop

This course is the full package! So grab your notebook and headset and lets get to it :)

How To Start, Grow And Market An Etsy Printables Shop
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