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Etsy 2020 SEO Boot Camp: Your First 1100 Sales Blueprint

A definitive step-by-step Etsy SEO crash course on how I ranked higher in searches and made my first 1100 sales!
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All you need to know to develop a basic SEO strategy
All the information Etsy uses in your listing to rank you in search results
Exactly what I do when creating a listing that led to my first 1100 sales
Step by step how to create an optimized listing or optimize an existing listing
How to find great keywords and how to use them for future product ideas
If Etsy ads actually work and a strategy for optimizing ad usage

Featured in Business Insider's "How to make money on Etsy: online courses, YouTube videos, and resources to help you understand Etsy's algorithm."


December 2020 - NEW! Currently recording new lectures for this month & next

November 2020 - Update - Free Alternative to Printful's Keyword Scout Part 1 & 2

Are you having trouble getting sales on Etsy?

Are you looking to rank higher in Etsy search results?

Are you new to Etsy and want to hit the ground running?

If you answered yes to any of these...Welcome to my Etsy SEO Bootcamp!

My goal is to get you ranking higher in Etsy search results as soon as possible. Ranking higher means that you show up earlier or closer to the top of search results on Etsy. The less that potential buyers have to scroll to see your product, the more likely they will click it and buy it!

The information in this course is for educational purposes and is not intended to provide professional financial advice.

What is NOT covered in this course:

  • Social media advertising

  • Creating products for Etsy

  • Ways to get rich quick

I look forward to teaching you all that I know!

Etsy 2020 SEO Boot Camp: Your First 1100 Sales Blueprint
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