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Etsy 2021 Masterclass: Setup, SEO, Social & Etsy Marketing

Etsy 2021 guide selling on Etsy shop, including Email Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Etsy SEO and more! Filmed in 2021/0
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Fully setup and operationalize a successful store on Etsy
How to dominate SEO and the Etsy's algorithm
How to effectively increase internal and external traffic to your Etsy listings
How to get 40 FREE listings on Etsy
Build an advertising and marketing plan to target your customers
Dominate social media marketing to maximize external Etsy traffic
How to optimize email marketing techniques for your Etsy store
Identifying opportunities in the Etsy marketplace and finding winning products
How to write and execute successful ads to promote your Etsy products
Find opportunities in keywords to maximize sales through SEO
Getting power reviews to help skyrocket sales for your listings
How to get your Etsy listings to the first page of search results
Modern advertising tactics and techniques to better promote your Etsy listings
Excellent tips to better improve sales and your Etsy listing

The most updated Etsy 2021 course on Udemy! This course was filmed in 2020 and 2021!

Learn how to effectively start and operationalize your Etsy shop today and escape your 9-5! This course gets to the point without adding any additional or duplicate material. It reviews everything needed to start selling on Etsy, including how to start and setup your Etsy store, and learning advance options Etsy marketing and advertising techniques to effectively position your brand to your customers. This is the best Etsy course available, and there is more content to come.

Know Etsy’s audience and cater your business to them!

Go in-depth in Etsy’s platform and the users, including who they are, where they live and more. This course helps you develop an advertising plan that actually targets your users, helping you optimize your time by saving you hours of managing social media accounts that will not convert.

Learn and implement advanced advertising techniques from the professionals

Learn and adopt advanced advertising and Etsy marketing techniques, including email marketing, social media advertisements, pricing strategies and more.


About this course

This course will help new and advance sellers setup and scale their Etsy stores by implementing:

  • Step by step guides on setting up Etsy accounts properly to help you save on fees

  • Get 40 FREE listings for 4 months

  • Optimize and maximize Etsy SEO within your listing and throughout your storefront

  • Learn Etsy platform hacks

  • Find winning products and opportunities in the Etsy marketplace

  • Learn how to drive external traffic to your Etsy store from Google, social media and more

  • Master Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram marketing for your Etsy store

  • Increase your Etsy sales by 30% by implementing an effective email marketing strategy

  • Ensuring your Etsy marketing strategy for email is setup properly to prevent government issued lawsuits

  • Learn about advertising fundamentals: user groups, advertising plans and more

  • Discounts on tools and other key integrations for your Etsy store

There will be more content created constantly

  • Learn from 150+ minutes of detailed, articulate lessons with screen shares and summaries

  • Over 15 newly planned lessons will be released soon

  • Use the Q&A feature to request more topics of interest and ask questions


About the instructor

I have been working in digital advertising since 2009. My career focused on maximizing client’s advertising plans by focusing on:

  • Who their customers are

  • Where their customers live

  • What are their customers “sweet spot”

  • How to target their customers

My career now is focused on user experience and eCommerce. I have been selling on eCommerce platforms since 2014, including Etsy, Amazon, Woocommerce, Shopify and Ebay. I want to share advanced techniques that businesses both big and small leverage in their marketing plans. I want to help you elevate your business to the next level.

I am just starting my Udemy journey so please let me know what you do or don’t like about the course. I want to continue improving my content so that everyone can find value so that their Etsy passions succeed.


Available to help answer your questions

Use the question feature in Udemy to connect with myself. I will answer your questions timely and will also provide you the most attentive care to ensure your success.


Money back guarantee

You can request a 100% money back guarantee for up to 30 days if this course does not meet your expectations. You’re buying a lifetime of content and support from me. If there’s gaps in the course, please let me know so I can continuously improve the content for everyone.

Etsy 2021 Masterclass: Setup, SEO, Social & Etsy Marketing
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