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Ethical Intelligence: Change the Way You Live Your Life

Build ethical intelligence into your lives and the organizations you lead
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Identify and navigate through transactions, situations, and decisions that have ethical considerations.

This is a course in ethics like you've never encountered before.  In one form or another, we have all taken ethics courses at various points throughout our lives; however, have those courses truly changed the way you think about ethics?  Have your behaviors changed in any way?  Do you think about ethics in everyday situations?  If you answered no to any of those questions, then those are the questions you will be answering after this course. 

We've all regretted actions and decisions we've made in life.  Some of these regrets are small - perhaps you drank too much at the office party last weekend.  But sometimes, those regrets can be harder to recover from.  What if you unwittingly get involved with the wrong people?  What if one little indiscretions leads to another and then another?  What if you are just doing what you are told turns out to cause harm to others?  This barely scratches the surface of what we will address in this course.  Our goal is to make you ethically aware and prepared to make better decisions and lessen the risk of regret in your personal and professional lives.

Ethical Intelligence: Change the Way You Live Your Life
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