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Ethical Intelligence

This course explores what our ethical intelligence is.
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Explore the state of ethics in the world today and recognize that it’s a far larger issue than most of us consider on a daily basis.
Recognize that ethical intelligence is both a function of the brain and a competency that can be developed throughout one’s professional career.
Identify the different types of means and ends rationalizations we tell ourselves to justify our decisions, actions, and behaviors.

We all know about our level of intelligence, but there are many different facets of intelligence to consider including your emotional intelligence, your social intelligence and your ethical intelligence, which we will explore in this course.  Ethical intelligence is often ignored in practice, leading to regretful situations where many good people find themselves in embarrassingly bad positions. 

In this course, we explore what is our ethical intelligence and why is it that we can rationalize behaviors and decisions that would not typically be representative of our normal moral character.  You will see first hand using an incredible case study showing how a small indiscretion can spiral into a scandal and ruin your career.

Ethical Intelligence
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