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Ethical Hacking Course for 2021: Cyber Security v2.0

Learn the art of System Hacking, Website Hacking, Wi-Fi Hacking and Security from scratch.
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Learn How to Hack and Secure your Systems
Cyber Security Training for Beginners
Learn Fundamentals of Mobile Hacking, Website Hacking and Phishing
Learn WiFi Hacking and Security

In this course, you will learn about Cyber Security from Scratch. We will start with the basics of Ethical Hacking and then slowly move towards some of the Advanced concepts. You will learn how to reset the password of Win7, 8 and 10 without knowing the actual password and without using any kind of third-party tools. You will also learn about Website Hacking and Security using SQL injections and XSS. You will then learn about Penetration testing of your own Wi-Fi and will learn the methods to crack the Wi-Fi Password. Then you will learn about the Fundamentals of Mobile Hacking and How to Hack a smartphone in just 30 seconds. SO let's get started.

Please note that this course is best suitable for beginners only. If your are already working in the field of Cyber Security, Please consider this course for revision purpose only. This course basically covers all the important topics of cyber security for beginners only. Always follow your country laws. Before performing any practical, make sure you are not breaking the LAW. Please follow all practicals as you watch the video and post your queries in Q and A section only. Also remember to attach screenshot with your queries to get the reply in no time. Thank You. Let's proceed....

Ethical Hacking Course for 2021: Cyber Security v2.0
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