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Ethereum and Solidity, The Complete Guide for Developer

Develop Public Blockchain Decentralized Applications, Using Famous Ethereum Platform, Smart Contracts and Solidity.
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Knowing, Why Blockchain is future technology ? and Why you want become part of it ?
Knowing Ethereum blockchain related information ( such as: Mining, EVM, Gas, etc )
You will be able to use Remix Editor to write, compile and deploy smart contract
You will be able to use Remix Editor to interact with the smart contract
You will learn the Solidity so much detail and deeply, with lot of examples
You will be able to create Ethereum Framework From Scratch ( Beside of using Truffle Ethereum Framework )
You will learn to compile smart contract using Solc ( Solidity Compiler )
You will be able to do Functional ( Automation ) Testing of Smart Contract with Mocha
You will learn to interact with smart contract in website application using Web3 javascript

Because of the potential Benefit that blockchain can bring a lot to the table. Blockchain technology become so much popular and one of the most demanded tehnology on this recent years ( and being predicted will be one of the biggest market in more years to come ).

More and more companies had invested on this famous amazing database ( blockchain ) and made the demand for blockchain developer ( skills ), has skyrocketed over the last few years throughout many countries, such as asia and europe. and because of the lack of blockchain developer, made the salary of blockchain developer is higher than developers working with other technologies.

Because is not easy and fast enough to produce the developer that can really fastly understand how is the blockchain works ? and How to write the smart contract with solidity well ? How to use Wallet ? How to interact with smart contract with web3.js ? How to test the smart contract ? and More question on accomplishing the Blokchain Dapps.

Why ??? Because of the very tiny complete resources out there.

So, the purpose of this course, is to deliver the very easy structure learning steps, learn the core ( solidity ) of writing smart contract. learn solidity deeply with lot of examples.

Because as a programmer, By learning the programming language ( solidity ) well, then you can create, by means, of any application with any condition.

Finally, Starting in 2019, for just a bit information : 75% stating that they are likely to leverage Public blockchains in the future for business applications.

Ethereum and Solidity, The Complete Guide for Developer
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