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ETAP Power System Analysis For Electrical Engineers

Design, Simulate, Analyze and Optimize Electrical Power System
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Basic and Advanced Concepts of Power System Analysis
Load Flow Analysis
Short Circuit Analysis
Protection Coordination (Relay Coordination) Analysis
Design and Simulate Electrical Power System Using ETAP 19.5 Software

"Want To Become Expert In ETAP Software and Power System?" This course will help you to achieve your goals to become ETAP and Power System Expert.

Welcome to the course "ETAP Power System Analysis For Electrical Engineers"

ETAP is an analytical engineering software which is helpful for an electrical engineer to simulate and analyze the steady-state and dynamic power system. It is used by various sectors such as Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Industrial, Transportation, and Low voltage.

The purpose of this course is to learn power system modeling & analysis using ETAP software which will cover a range of ETAP functionalities used to design & solve various power system practical problems.

The course will begin with the software overview, basics of one-line diagram creation, data entry, and quickly expands the users’ knowledge to include methods to automatically perform multiple ‘what if’ studies using multiple scenarios. Wherever possible, the topics are explained with hand calculations and results are compared with ETAP software so that it becomes easier for the attendees to understand the concepts.

This course is useful for the beginners who are new to ETAP Software, the students preparing their projects/thesis, graduate electrical engineers for cracking the interviews, and the professionals working for companies & need to execute power system study projects.

Various power system analysis and ETAP software operation topics are covered in this course such as creating a new project, ETAP software overview, create a single line diagram, load flow study fundamentals with an example, explanation of per-unit method, hand calculations and comparing the results with ETAP software output, cable ampacity & sizing, transformer sizing, generator load sharing, short circuit study fundamentals with an example, protection & coordination study fundamentals with an example, etc.

Benefits of attending this course:

  1. The course is published using ETAP 19.5 (Latest Version)
  2. ETAP software generated results are supported with hand calculations
ETAP Power System Analysis For Electrical Engineers
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