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Etap for Electrical Engineers

Design, Simulate and Analyze Power systems in Etap
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Design and simulate power systems
Simulate AC Power systems
Simulate DC Power systems
Conduct stability studies
Conduct studies for Load dispatching
Simulate Industrial Power networks

Etap is a powerful software which is designed to perform simulations, analysis and design of Power systems. Etap has very vast capabilities such as Load flow analysis, Arc flash, Protection co-ordination studies, cable pulling, cable ampacity study and much more. Because Etap has integrated all the functionality required for Electrical studies, it is preferred over other software packages.

This course is specifically designed to cover all the functionality of Etap software. Industries nowadays are in pursuit of candidates having skills in Power system simulation packages. Having the knowledge to simulate power systems in Etap can help students to procure positions in the power sector. 

This course also covers all the fundamentals of conducting analysis in power systems, thus it will be easy for beginners to follow the course. Each lesson is tailor made to be detailed and precise with practical examples. Engineers in the industry can update and refresh their knowledge ,and learn to simulate in Etap package. 

With this course, you will learn to simulate power systems in no time!

Etap for Electrical Engineers
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