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Essentials of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce

E-mail Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media and Electronic Commerce
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Selected Terminology
Marketing Funnel & Campaign
Major Skills of a Digital Marketer
User Intent
Programmatic Advertising
Active Websites & Blogs
Essentials of E-Mail Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Marketing Tips for Social Media (Facebook)
Electronic Commerce
How to make money as an individual?
Voice & Visual Search
Featured Snippets
Data Analytics

If you want to learn or know the most important elements in digital marketing and ecommerce in a return on investment issue and great time management means, then this course is for you as it will give you a potential launch to explore more...You will learn about active websites and blogs, E-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization/marketing, electronic commerce, social medial as Facebook, how to make money as an individual and more....this is a course to start with specially if you are new to this material and also serves other levels, so jump in !

Essentials of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce
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