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Essentials for Adobe Lightroom for Beginners

The Ultimate Guide to Adobe Lightroom Classic from Beginner to Pro
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Understand the basic interface of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC
How to export and save in the program
Get a glimpse of the entire interface and how it works
Use the different tools and features inside of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC
Explore the various effects that the program has to offer such as the luma curve, split toning, creating and HDR image, and much more
Understand how to create a panorama
Use the various filters and adjustments layers in order to manipulate the image
Learn about color and luminosity, along with hue, saturation, clarity, and masks

This course delves into the fundamentals of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, along with some of its more advanced features such as HDR and Panorama. Students will go through the process from scratch learning key terminology and industry-standard techniques. Students will be challenged by exploring the process of photo-editing and manipulation using the tools present inside the software such as the graduated filter, and the adjustment layer. In just over an hour, students will also be introduced to tone, curves, hue, saturation, luminance, masks, and the other features present in Lightroom. They will also have gained a solid grasp of the formal devices discussed in the course.

Essentials for Adobe Lightroom for Beginners
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