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Essential Options: Strategies for Mastering the Stock Market

Learn stock market for beginners with six key strategies: long calls, long puts, covered calls, protective puts and more
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By the end of the course you will have option strategies for Bull, Bear and neutral market conditions along with an understanding of technical analysis and risk management.

Join Pro Market Advisors (PMA) founding partners Rick Swope and Shawn Howell as they introduce you to some of the core principles and teach you the strategies necessary to becoming a skilled option trader. 

Designed for novice stock investors and beginning option traders, the PMA Essential Options course:  provides twenty-five video recordings from PMA’s online webinar training sessions along with their 58 page Intro to Options color manual in PDF and three 20 questions quizzes to test your knowledge.  In total you'll receive over four hours of video training. The Stock Market Training course covers topics such as Technical Analysis, Risk Management, Stock Selection and Six Basic Option Strategies (Long Calls, Speculative Puts, Protective Puts, Covered Call/Buy Write, The Collar and Bull Call Spreads.

Rick Swope and Shawn Howell founded Pro Market Advisors to offer you quality, non-hyped, real world financial education.  PMA partnerships include the leaders in trading and investing: E*TRADE, Chicago Board Options Exchange, The Options Industry Council, NYSE Euronext, NASDAQ, and ISE.  Rick and Shawn are also the co-authors of Trading By Numbers (Wiley Global Finance, 2012).

Take this ultimate Stock Market Training course and learn stock market for beginners with 6 essential  strategies. 

Essential Options: Strategies for Mastering the Stock Market
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