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Vagrant - The fastest head start for developers

Vagrant - use it to build environments for your apps development and testing in Vagrant lightning speed and at ease.
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By the end of this course you will be able to create your own environments on Vagrant boxes and run it locally or distribute it to other team members. You will also be able to create, run, and manage your Dev stacks on Vagrant.
Using Vagrant, you will totally get rid of the embarrassment of your code running on your local environment but failing on the demo day on the client's environment
Setup your own Vagrant environments, with folder sharing and the right networking topology at ease

Build as many development environments and stacks as you need for your projects and Run them in seconds. 

Use Vagrant to set up one or more virtual machines by importing pre-made images (called "boxes"), setting VM specific settings (IP address, hostnames, port forwarding, memory, etc.) and by running provisioning software like Puppet or Chef.

Never worry again about getting your environment ready for this last minute Proof of Concept or Demo. 

Streamline your development and testing environments.

Learn the fundamentals and tools you will need to build fully functional Vagrant boxes on your local machine.

Get ready to develop and test projects on Vagrant boxes with this tutorial for beginner and intermediate developers.

Install Vagrant on your developer machine.

Use Command line tool ($vagrant) to configure and manage your boxes.

Your one course to get up to speed with Vagrant in very short time.

In this focused and concise hands on course, you will first get to understand the fundamentals of Vagrant, its architecture, how it works.This will be followed by hands on demos where I will walk you through a step by step guidance on how to install Vagrant. We will then go through creating and running environment using vagrant boxes. Then we will see how to update, change and configure the guest environments via the Vagrantfile.

Vagrant - The fastest head start for developers
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