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Essential Theory and Technique for Guitar

Learn proper guitar technique, and understand the "why" behind what you are playing on guitar
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Gain a solid understanding of basic music theory and how it relates to guitar, how to play guitar with proper technique for left and right hands, how to play the Major Scale, how to create chords and play them on guitar

The Essential Theory and Technique for Guitar course is designed for two main types of people; the beginner guitar player who has no guitar or musical experience and those who can play guitar a little bit but are wanting to understand the music theory behind what they are playing and to improve on their technique.

Music Is A Language

Learning music is like learning a language. Music notes are like letters of the alphabet. When you learn how to combine them, you can create chords, which are like words, and with words you can create sentences and tell stories.

There are some great guitar players who don’t necessarily know all of the theory behind what they are playing, but using the above analogy of music as a language, imagine the potential that is being missed out on by not fully understanding what you are playing. If you were taking a trip to France, you could buy a translation book that could tell you how to say certain phrases in French, such as “Where is the bathroom?” or “What time is it?”, but imagine how much more you could communicate if you were able to construct your own sentences and phrases in French? You could say whatever you wanted without limits. Music is similar; by understanding the “why”, and practicing the “how” you reduce the limitations and open up a world of opportunity to express yourself with your instrument.

The course includes a full color PDF E-Book which is over 50 pages and provides further explanation of the material in the videos as well as guitar neck diagrams for your reference.

This course is 2 hours and 20 minutes long and should provide you with weeks worth of material to work on.

The topics you will learn in this course include;

Part 1: Parts of the Guitar

Part 2: The Musical Alphabet

Part 3: Notes on the Neck (Watch for free on this page)

Part 4: Neck Diagrams

Part 5: Holding the Guitar

Part 6: Holding the Pick (Watch for free on this page)

Part 7: Picking the Strings

Part 8: Left Hand Technique (Watch for free on this page)

Part 9: The Chromatic Scale (Watch for free on this page)

Part 10: The Spider Exercise

Part 11: The C-Major Scale

Part 12: What is a “Key?”

Part 13: Standard Notation

Part 14: How Chords Are Made

Part 15: Playing Chords on the Guitar

Part 16: Other Major Scales

Part 17: Other Major Scales on the Guitar

Part 18: The G-Major Chord

Part 19: Conclusion

Essential Theory and Technique for Guitar
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