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Essential Study Skills: Strategies for Ultimate Success

Learn to; recall faster & smarter, study from books, read effectively, use a combination of study skills and preempt Qs.
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choose the right study technique for you
appreciate the types study you may undertake
understand that there are three main ways that you learn
identify what reading style best matches your type of study
practice and appreciate the different types of condensing and summarising methods
understand how cue cards work
acquire note taking skills that will aid studying
know how to study from books in an effective and efficient way
understand how to prioritise your studying
Know how to preempt what questions you may be asked
appreciate how visual methods can aid information assimilation
understand the benefit of auditory methods and techniques
understand methods to ensuring you don't miss anything out when practicing / answering questions
learn the ASPIRE strategy
undertake a critical reflective learning exercise

This study skills course covers; how and why you learn, multiple study skills methods, how to read, take notes and study from books, prioritisation, visual and auditory methods, ensuring you don't miss anything out, how to preempt exam questions as well as a general study approach and a list of apps and web based systems. This will all combine to produce a system which enables you to learn & recall faster and smarter.


Master essential study and learning strategies for ultimate exam success!

  • Recognise the 5 reasons you study
  • Appreciate different learning styles
  • Examine condensing, summarising and cue methods
  • Recognise the 3 main reading styles
  • Learn how to study from books and take great notes first time
  • Understand a technique for prioritisation of study material
  • Learn visual and auditory approaches to study
  • Learn techniques for ensuring you do not miss anything out when answering questions
  • Appreciate the need for a great general study approach
  • Recognise how apps and web based systems can contribute to exam success
Learn and recall faster and smarterHaving lectured and indeed studied for many years I know how daunting it can be to have to condense; weeks, months or years of learning into what is usually a very short exam. This course will give you the skills, tools, techniques, knowledge and insight to learn, study and recall that information in a way that suits your style, whilst pre-empting possible exam questions and prioritising your approach.

In short this course offers you a complete learning and study system that can be adapted to you and your topic. It shows your progress through pre and post critical reflective learning.

It contains 26 videos as well as comprehensive supporting information and documents.

This course is an essential 'one-stop-shop' for study skill success.

Essential Study Skills: Strategies for Ultimate Success
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