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Essential Piano and Keyboard Exercises

Get faster at the piano and improve your improvisation skills with these 6 arpeggio exercises.
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Your technique and fluidity at the keyboard/piano will improve.
You'll notice a BIG leap in the flow of your playing,
Your playing will sound more professional because you'll have a more flowing technique.
You can use these exercises to create your own songs!

We know that knowing the "right" notes to play at the piano is only the first step. You also need the technique in your fingers to play smooth melodies without hesitation. Learning your arpeggios are a big part of good technique at the piano.

So what is good technique? 

It means being able to play what you HEAR without hesitation. It's also the kind of playing that turns heads. When people hear you playing beautiful, flowing piano, their ears are perked up and they want to hear more!

This course teaches you how to play and use your arpeggios. This isn't a boring course that just teaches you how to play an arpeggio. In this course you'll learn 6 different arpeggio exercises that you can transpose into any key to help you sound more professional at the piano. 

Do you play keyboard or synth? Well these exercises are just important for you too!

Sheet music is included which shows you each arpeggio exercises written out with proper fingering.

Essential Piano and Keyboard Exercises
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