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Essential Oils for Children

Learn how to use essential oils with your children safely.
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What are essential oils
If brand really matters when it comes to essential oils
How to store essential oils
Learn 3 ways to use essential oils
Safety with essential oils
Proper dilution by age
Benefits of different carrier oils
20 different essential oil profiles
How to blend, make formulas and recipes to support you, your children for everyday ailments

Nikki is a Clinical Aromatherapist with both the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapist (CFA), and National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA). She also has her own online school, School of Essentria, to train people on how to become Certified Aromatherapists.

In this course, you will learn proper dilution, safety tips, my top 20 essential oils to use, recipes to use with children and through the house to keep everyone safe. Everything you need to support your children physically and emotionally as they grow into independent young adults.

This is a great course if you have children of any age, from newborns to help with diaper rash, to teenagers helping with hormone balance and focus for homework.

Also helping you reduce your toxic footprint in your home. Learn how essential oils can help clean your produce, your kitchen, bathroom and so much more.

This course is a great way to start slowly replacing your everyday items with natural alternatives.

Essential Oils for Children
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