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Essential Oils 101 with Bourgeois Hippie Mama

Learn about the Top 10 Most Popular Essential Oils on the market.
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You will get a Certificate of Completion from Bourgeois Hippie Mama personally, when you finish this course
You will be equipped with the knowledge to understand what Essential Oils are
You will know where Essential Oils come from
You will know How and Where the TOP Rated Essential Oils in the World are Sourced (Digestive Blend Frankincense Lavender Lemon Melaleuca/Tea Tree Oregano Peppermint Protective Blend Respiratory Blend Soothing Blend)
You will know How to Recognize Quality Essential Oils
You will know what the 10 Most Popular doTERRA Essential Oils are and how to confidently use them safely
You will be empowered with a deep and thorough understanding of how to use the TOP 10 Essential Oils in your everyday life with confidence and ease and will appreciate the power of these wonderful CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) gifts of nature
You will know what the TOP 10 oils are used for, how to blend them and which oils you can use for different ailments
You will be able to make your own cleaning products, muscle rubs, homemade respiratory rub for colds and flus, body scrubs, massage oil blends for all types of emotional situations and much more…
You will know Where and How to purchase quality Essential Oils
You will be provided with a guide on 150 Uses for these 10 Amazing Essential Oils
You will have lifetime access to this course
You will access to reference material on the TOP 10 Essential Oils and their uses

We all want what’s best for our own and our families' health!

Imagine being able to care for our family's health and our own just by using a few drops of CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) Essential Oils. Imagine being equipped with the knowledge on how to use Essential Oils in order make your own all natural chemical free facial masks, after sun soothing spray, make-up brush cleanser, whipped Peppermint foot lotion, diffuser blends, soaps and cleaning products, muscle and joint relieving lotions and salves, bath salts, body lotions and moisturizers, scrubs, roasted marinara sauce, make immune boosting snacks and so much more!

In this Essential Oils 101 Course I am going to teach you how you can apply the use of Essential Oils to all aspects of your life for your health, a clean-green home and ultimately your happiness!

  • Physical and Emotional Health: You will learn how to detoxify your body, support and boost your immune system, how Essential Oils used in Aromatherapy can help with your emotional health, how essential oils can be used for skincare, burns, eczema, sleep issue, anxiety, how to feel revitalized and so much more!
  • Learn How to Make All-Natural Self-Care products: You will learn about how to make your own body scrubs, aftershave, which carrier oils to use, bath salts, body lotions and sprays, peppermint foot creams, liquid hand soap, body soap, hand-sanitizer and so much more!
  • Treat Pain and Inflammation: You will learn how to ease pain and inflammation by using Essential Oils for muscular aches and pains. You’ll also learn how to make muscle rubs and salves, massage oil blends, remedies for arthritis and joint pain plus so much more!
  • A Chemical Free Home: You will learn how to make your own all natural air freshener, therapeutic dish and laundry soap, house cleaners, glass cleaners, kitchen and baby wipes, anti-bacterial hand gel and so much more!

You will come away from this course with the knowledge and confidence on how to use doTERRA’s Top 10 Essential Oils in your everyday life safely and easily.

You can keep your house clean with all natural chemical free products that you will make yourself using doTERRA’S CPTG Essential Oils.

You will be provided with several diffuser blends to support emotional aromatherapy.

You will be provided with the correct and safe dilution ratios needed to be applied for each situation and person in your family.

Finally, you will understand just how amazing and powerful Essential Oils are. 

Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years because of their powerful therapeutic properties. Once you understand what they are and how to use them and see their benefits, you’ll wonder how you lived without them!

Essential Oils 101 with Bourgeois Hippie Mama
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