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Essential Japanese - Travel Phrases

The FIRST Japanese travel phrases course focused on travel, taught with a professional native Japanese language teacher!
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Handle basic travel & daily situations in Japanese, and make simple sentences on your own.
Learn basic grammar and sentence structure so you have a deeper understanding of the sentences, and not just memorizing them.
Lots of optional, supplementary lectures that go more in-depth
Enjoy your travels in Japan even more!
Continued support from a native Japanese language speaker (Taka-sensei). We'll take questions about both language and travel.

***The FIRST Japanese travel phrases course on Udemy***

***The ONLY Japanese travel phrases course taught with a professional native Japanese language instructor***

***The ONLY Japanese travel phrases course with a unique role-play system, shadowing, and full grammar explanations.***

Planning on that dream trip to Japan?

In this course you will learn essential phrases for your trip to Japan, whether you are a tourist or moving to Japan for the long term. But rather than just teaching you to memorize phrases, we go beyond by explaining each phrase to you. That way you not only will have a deeper understanding of the phrases, but it will also help you make your own sentences in Japanese. All grammar and sentence explanations are done by Taka-sensei, a professional native Japanese teacher with over 20 years of experience.

Now you may be wondering, don't the Japanese speak English? The short answer is, most people don't. If you stick to the city and major tourist areas, you might be able to find places with with English speakers, but you'll quickly notice that there is a shortage of English speaking staff. And, once you go outside the city, you'll find even fewer Japanese people who speak English. So, we believe this course is essential for tourists!

And aside from being just for tourist, if you are moving to Japan and want to learn the most essential survival Japanese quickly, or perhaps a beginner at learning Japanese, this course is for you!

In addition to learning Japanese, throughout the course we also included some cultural notes and insights to Japan to help you enjoy your travels through the country even more. Should you have any questions about traveling to Japan, we'll try to help you! We will be active in the Q&A section, and we guarantee that we will respond to any questions that you may have as soon as possible, whether it be about language or travel. Just give us at least 48 hours to respond in case both of us aren't available.

Not happy about the course? Udemy has you covered. You have a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked!

Essential Japanese - Travel Phrases
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