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Help your children to sleep better - improve overall health

Take charge of your sleep , Assess your sleep, Understand sleep and finally Improve Sleep to be happy and productive
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To improve your sleep, learn to sleep on time, increase the duration of sleep, improve quality of sleep, be more productive during the day

This will enable you to assess your own sleep, calculate your sleep debt, understand your sleep need. In addition this will provide you with knowledge about sleep, its control, functions and impact of poor sleep on the body as a whole. All this will make you sleep better, and improve the quality, quantity and timing of sleep so that the emotional ,physical and mental health are all maintained.

Are you happy with your sleep ? Do you have difficulty in falling asleep?Do you have difficulty in staying asleep?Do you feel tired ,unrefreshed on waking up? Do you feel very sleepy during the day ? If the answer is "yes", then this course is for you.

This course will help you TO SLEEP BETTER, WAKE UP FRESH, energetic, happy .It will improve your productivity and also improve your MOOD. You will understand the importance of sleep and its role in maintaining your physical, mental ,and emotional health .

BY THE END OF THIS COURSE , you'll be able to :

1. Sleep on time

2. Sleep through the night

3. Wake up on time

4. Change your habits that interfere with good sleep

5. Add techniques that promote good sleep .

6. Feel alert during the day

Identify your sleep issue and try and resolve it, or be ready to seek help if not resolved.

This is achieved by understanding the control of sleep and wakefulness. This will enable you to modify your habits, lifestyle that interfere with good sleep. You will be able to incorporate best practises to make a good mix of ingredients for your OWN RECIPE FOR A GOOD SLEEP .

Thousands of people have benefitted by adapting these techniques as advised by me.

Why am I doing this?

I have been practising SLEEP MEDICINE for more than 25 years. I have treated thousands of patients of all ages and genders with sleep issues, and have been able to help them .

I 've realised that sleep problems are very common but a large no still do not seek help, thus this course is to help you  understand the importance of sleep , prioritize sleep and also improve t sleep .

I would suggest that each night of bad sleep causes  significant  harm to our health, so not to loose more time, but START NOW, understand sleep and IMPROVE YOUR NIGHT.


To Assess your sleep -understand quantity and quality of sleep, Sleep debt etc.

Functions of sleep

Common sleep issues

Tips to improve your sleep


All those who struggle with sleep,

feel unrefreshed/ tired  on waking up

Require > 9 hours of sleep

who want to understand sleep

To improve sleep

To improve their night and day

Help your children  to sleep better - improve overall health
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