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Essential Horsemanship Skills: How to Handle and Ride Horses

A clear and useable guide for beginning riders on the basics of horseback riding and horse handling
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Understand how to ride a horse at a walk, trot and canter safely and effectively.
Tack up a horse and untack a horse.
Feel comfortable and confident around horses.
Approach, lead and move around a horse properly.

Whether you are horse crazy or simply interested in learning a wonderful new sport, this course is the perfect introduction to horseback riding. It focuses on the fundamentals that apply to all riding, although taught mostly in the English style. By the end of the course, you will know how to safely catch and move around a horse; get a horse ready to ride; work at the walk, trot and canter; and take care of your horse once you are done. It includes many useful extras as well, such as how to tie a quick release knot for safely securing a horse on a lead rope.

Essential Horsemanship Skills: How to Handle and Ride Horses
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