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Essential Guide On How To Get a Ph.D. With Relative Ease

“Doing a Ph.D. is getting to know yourself”, “You’ve got to search for the hero inside yourself"
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Learn How To Get a Ph.D. Degree With Relative Ease

This Guide to How to get a Ph.D. is the most student-friendly and engaging resource for the Ph.D. specification. It is written based on the author’s experience and the anecdotal evidence of others to match the demands of the research programme. Besides providing motivation and interesting content, the Guide retains a rigorous approach. It functions as a systematic map to provide the Ph.D. student with a framework for understanding and hence systematically approaching the research process. While every Ph.D. research journey is different, there are, however, shared opportunities and hurdles that frequently arise. Whether one is considering entering a Ph.D. program or has already begun, this Guide should help to avoid pitfalls on the road to ultimate success.

Topics Covered….

- Introduction to the Doctoral Research Journey

- Challenges faced by Ph.D. Students

- Purpose & Significance of the Journey

- Topic Development & Research Questions Synthesis

- The Doctoral Research Journey

- Opportunities & Events Not to Miss

- The Chapters Write-ups & Presentations

- The Thesis Write-up & Presentation

- The Ph.D. Examination System

- The Ph.D. Viva, Preparation & Sample Questions

- Summary & Conclusion

- Much, much more!

The copyrighted videos in this course were included with the kind permission of the owners, Dr. Lilian Sevillano, Massey University, New Zealand, and Professor Valerie Balester, ATM University, Writing Center, USA.

Essential Guide On How To Get a Ph.D. With Relative Ease
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