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Essential Git Quickstart for Beginners

A practical Git crash course that focuses on quickly giving you the core concepts and commands to start using Git today
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An understanding of the concepts of Git
Know how to use the basic core Git commands
Create and manage Git repositories
Work with Git branches and tags
Interact with remote Git repositories
Set up a basic Git server with SSH

About this Course.

This course is designed for people who want to cut out the computer science and complex concepts behind Git and quickly learn the essential commands and Git features needed to start using Git today.  With explanations designed to ease you into understanding the important concepts of Git without overwhelming you with the under-the-hood specifics.

This course uses very few slide presentations and focuses on short lectures with practical onscreen demos that you can follow along to.

Topics Covered.

  • Install and Configure Git

  • Create your First Git Repository

  • Add Files to Git

  • Modify and Delete Files within a Repo

  • Understand the Concepts of The Git Timeline

  • Work with Git Branches

  • Dealing with Merge Conflicts

  • Understand and use Tags

  • Create a Basic Git Server using SSH

  • Work with Git Remote Repositories

If you want a quick and practical introduction to Git, this is the course for you.

Essential Git Quickstart for Beginners
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