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Essential Gems for Your Rails Projects

Build a Rails application from scratch, with 10 key RubyGems required for every project.
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Prototype the minimal viable product of your idea
Understand the keys gems required for almost every Rails project
Understand the model-view-controller architecture
Develop a Rails application from scratch without using the Scaffold generator
Implement search, pagination, authentication, authorization, friendly urls, debugging in a rails application
Develop a miniature admin dashboard
Understand the difference between categories & tags and how to implement them.

The Challenge
So you have been developing your Rails application for sometime now, after a tutorial or two. Your data model is all setup and well implemented. But now, you want to include those common features that almost every web application has. What do you do?

This is where, Essential Gems for Your Rails Project comes in.

In this course we'll build an event hosting and registration application using the Rails web framework from scratch, without using the famous scaffold generator in Rails, that will allow us to publish events and allow users to register and attend such events.

We are going to build a generic event hosting application based on some features available in already existing events hosting platforms such as Eventbrite and Egotickets.

With the absolute beginner in mind, we will explore the basics of web application development such as CRUD (create, read, update & destroy) of databases, model-view-controller / MVC architecture, associations, etc.

We will also cover ten (10) essential libraries / gems, which is the theme of this course, to assist you in every Rails application, to make your job easier and help you work faster to produce quality software. These libraries include pagination, authorization, authentication, file uploads, search, friendly urls, debugging, etc.

It is not going to be about gems only, we'll implement some key features & concepts in most web applications such as categorizations, tagging, admin dashboard, associations, model-view-controller, data modeling, etc.

By the end of this course, you will develop a full functional rails application from scratch, which you can use some of the gems and features in your own projects.

If you are excited and ready to learn, lets get started!

Essential Gems for Your Rails Projects
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