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Essential Chinese Grammar - HSK 2

Learn Chinese in Chinese
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master 4 key sentence structures: be going to; to compare; emphasis etc.
master 9 key adverbs: also; a little; don't etc
master 3 tenses in Chinese language
master 3 key auxiliary words
able to express Chinese numbers: hundred and thousand
able to express a period of time
able to express the result of an action

This course is designed for those who want to take the exam of HSK2 and have already learned 60~80 hours or mastered 300 Chinese words (not characters). This course contains essential grammar of HSK2 and help you get a clearer concept of Chinese grammar.

Each video is 5-10 minutes long so you could finish one during a coffee break. All videos are presented in Chinese with English subtitles because we believe the key to learning a language is to maximize your language exposure. The instructors speak in Chinese at an appropriate speed so you can follow along.

Essential Chinese Grammar - HSK 2
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