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Essential Business English: Speaking

Speak better English in typical business situations: meetings, presentations, negotiations, trade fairs, etc.
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Business English vocabulary for conferences, meetings, presentations, negotiations, and trade fairs.
Follow conversations depicting real-life situations in the business environment.
Practise what you have learnt through Listen and Repeat and Get Speaking activities, tests, and assignments.
Business idioms to help you understand real English and speak like a native!

Would you like to communicate better in everyday business situations? If so, this is the course for you. It will help you to speak better English at work and get ahead in your career!

The course includes:

  • Precise learning objectives for each lesson

  • Conversations to help you get familiar with real-life Business English

  • Listen and repeat videos to help you practice useful vocabulary and phrases

  • Get speaking activities to improve your spoken English via role playing

  • Tests and assignments to help you memorize what you have just learnt

  • Learn more videos to expand your knowledge even further

  • Business idioms to help you better understand English and speak like a native!

Main topics:

  • Small talk

  • Everyday conversation

  • Talking about jobs

  • Meetings (in person and online)

  • Presentations

  • Negotiations

  • Trade fairs

  • Dealing with customers

Business Idioms

As a bonus the course includes a unique list of 101 business idioms. Idioms bring different cultures together because, more often than not, different cultures share an idiomatic expression. And when it comes to Business English, you cannot escape idioms! They’re everywhere – in business articles, in business news, in business boardrooms. You don’t have to learn and use business idioms if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, but understanding business idioms will help you understand native speakers of English who naturally use them.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will enjoy the course!

Essential Business English: Speaking
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