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Integrated Marketing Essentials Guide for Beginners

Easy explanation of a digital marketing strategy for start-up entrepreneurs. Tips and tricks and lots of examples
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Easy and inexpensive market research
Build a brand
Advertise more effectively
Generate quality leads
Start blog-, email- and Facebook marketing
Be familiar with SEO

Are your marketing efforts working together or against you?

If you don't know how to start marketing your business, or feel overwhelmed, or simply aren’t getting the results you desire, this is your course. Learn the essentials of integrated marketing.  

You will understand where you are starting from - and where you are headed. Questions to ask from your customers Overall integrated marketing plan and tactics - and how they work together. How to get started on putting together a cohesive, integrated marketing plan.

  • How to do easy yet effective market research  

  • Identify yourself as a business  

  • How to use different marketing strategies and how to create your own marketing plan  

  • Brand building  

  • How to set up a sales funnel  

  • Start a company blog  

  • How to generate leads every day  

  • Facebook marketing  

  • How to be on the first page of search results  

  • Time-tested elements of ads that makes money

Learn how to market your business yourself in as little as 30 minutes of marketing work a day  

You'll learn powerful, proven, and inexpensive techniques to market your business. By presenting terms and tactics, and supporting them with practical examples, we'll demonstrate how virtually anyone can apply the same marketing strategy that the pros use, regardless of budget.  

Whether you are an individual entrepreneur and manage your business on your own, or a small business owner who delegates some projects but feels overwhelmed with marketing, this is the right course for you.  

If you are interested taking an integrated marketing approach to gain better traction in your marketplace - and save time and money along the way - enroll now.

(This course is part of the "100 marketing tips masterclass".

Integrated Marketing Essentials Guide for Beginners
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