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The Essential Beginners Guitar Course

Easy to Follow Format that will have you playing famous Songs in no time!
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How to play Guitar Chords, Chord Changes and basic strumming technique
How to perform famous songs to professionally recorded backing tracks
How to enjoy playing Guitar
How to tune a Guitar
How to read Chord boxes
Different types of Guitar explained
How to use a plectrum or your fingers
Gear Advice

Learn to play Guitar Chords, using an easy to follow format with on screen signals.  Master Guitar Chords Changes, with simple on screen instruction, showing you what to do one finger at a time.

The Essential Beginners Guitar Course is structured in three main parts:

Part 1 - Learn Chords

Part 2 - Learn how to perform Chord Changes

Part 3 - Perform to well known Songs, using backing tracks

The course also teaches you to develop your timing skills, using on screen signals to help you learn to play in time to the music.  This is crucial in order to create confident sounding performances.

One of the main areas of the course is the detailed instruction regarding Chord Changes.  A failure to understand the process of performing an actual chord change is the reason 90% of beginners (according to research) quit guitar.  Through this course, any doubt about chord changes is removed, with simple on screen direction, in a clearly focused manner, showing you how to move from one chord to the next, one finger at a time.  If this technique is practiced enough, it will enable the guitarist to produce smooth chord changes.

The Songs covered in this course enable the student to showcase a variety of performing skills.  The music choice is diverse enough that if these songs are practised enough, the student will easily be able to progress to performing literally thousands of Songs.

Learning to play a musical instrument is one of the most fulfilling things you can do.  Whether you're wanting to play in front of family or friends or just for your own enjoyment. Maybe you're looking to take it even further and progress towards a career in music.  This course speaks to anyone who wants a solid foundation in guitar playing.

The Essential Beginners Guitar Course
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