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Essential Academic English: Physics

Master 100’s of scientific keywords and learn how to use them every day! Perfect your academic English.
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This course will help students improve their academic understanding of English.
This course will improve students' conversational English.
This course will better prepare students for international exams (IELTS, CAE, FCE, SAT, TOEFL, TOEIC).
This course will build students' confidence in English.

More and more students around the world are studying English! With a competitive job market and rising standard of international exams, academic English has never been more important. Are you looking to improve your English?

After the success of ‘Essential Academic English: Biology’ & ‘Essential Academic English: Chemistry’, I have designed this course to perfectly complement your knowledge of physics.

Through animated videos, led by a fully-qualified native ESL teacher, we’ll look at 100’s of keywords. We’ll dive into their grammatical variances, synonyms, pronunciation and how to use these words in everyday English.

This course is specifically looking at physics in the English language. Hugely important for everyday life, physics looks at energy, forces and the world around us.

Whether you’re preparing for international exams eg. IELTS or TOEIC, looking to study abroad, or looking to improve your conversational English, this course is perfect for you.

This course includes:

  • Interactive lectures

  • Listening + Speaking Practice

  • Academic Worksheets

  • Quizzes + Practice Tests

  • Certificate Of Completion

Units Covered:


Fuel  + Energy In The Home

Energy Transfer



Forces + Pressure




States Of Matter



Atoms + Radiation

The Origin Of Chemical Elements

Essential Academic English: Physics
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