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Academic Essay writing for university and IELTS students

Academic writing
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You will learn key skills, techniques and tools needed to write an academic essay
You will learn about mind maps for brainstorming their ideas
You will learn about linear essay plan to help them create essays with a structured logical order
You will learn how to formulate paragraphs, with topic sentences, evidence and opinion and linking words
You will learn how to write topic sentences
You will learn how to create balanced arguments
You will learn how to make their essay coherent, logical and have a clear flow
You will learn about signposting statements
You will learn how to provide evidence to support their arguments
You will learn how to write a good introduction
You will learn how to write the main body of the essay
You Learn how to write a conclusion
You will learn linking words to improve the flow of the essay
You will have a workbook designed to help them structure their essay. There are 10 activities. They will create mind maps, linear essay plan and they will get a template to help them create coherent well structured paragraphs . They will write an introduction a main body and conclusion for an essay title i set
You see examples of good introductions and conclusions
You will learn the context of the words analyse, evaluate, justify, critique

This video series will teach you how to structure a coherent, logical essay.

Workbook activities

This course has a workbook with 10 activities which you are invited to completed as you watch the videos. The activities will teach you the techniques needed to create a coherent and structured essay.

This video series will provide cover the following key concepts: 

Session one

     What is an essay?

     Discussion essay.

     How to use mind maps to improve the   

     structure of your essay.

     How to conduct research.

     Different reading strategies.

     Brainstorming and planning.

Session Two

     Overview of planning and organizing

Session Three

      Analyse title

      Mind map

      Linear essay plan

Complete Workbook Activity 1 – 4 in the workbook

Session Four

      How to structure paragraphs

Session Five

       How to write a topic sentence

       Explaining the key terms: Analyse / compare/ discuss / describe / critique / evaluate / justify

Complete Workbook Activities 5 and 6

Session Six

        How to write an excellent introduction

Complete Workbook activity Activity 7

Session Seven

         How to structure and  the Main Body of the essay

         Paragraphs organization

         Linking words to improve the flow of your essay

         Signposting statements

Session Eight

          How to write a conclusion

Complete Workbook  Activity 8

Session Nine

          General points about writing an essay. Omissions and common mistakes made.

          Points about a good essay

Session 10

           Write your first draft of the essay

Complete Workbook Activity 10

Academic Essay writing for university and IELTS students
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