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The Etheric Double by Arthur E Powell- A Book Study Session

Understand complex esoteric literature in an interesting, audio-visual way
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Classical Esoteric Literature

This course is a book study session on the book The Etheric Double by Colonel Arthur E Powell, first published in 1925. It is the first book in the 5-part series namely (in the same order) the Astral Body, The Mental Body, The Causal Body and The Solar System by Powell.

  1. Principles of energy healing: You would have heard of energy healing techniques like Pranic healing, Crystal Healing or Magnetic healing (note: Reiki / Invocative / Affirmative healing works on a different principle). At the end of this program, you will become familiar with the underlying principles of energy healing.

  2. Principles of Energy shields: In this program, you will learn about vitiating influences in your surroundings, and how it impacts you as person – emotionally, physically and mentally. Fortunately, there are also techniques that one may employ to protect oneself and one’s loved ones from such influences.

  3. Principles and making of powerful talismans: This course will give you a detailed understanding of how powerful talismans can be created and will familiarise you certain techniques which have been discussed. After taking this course you will be able to grasp why and how certain objects can be utilised as powerful talismans and also why you feel a sense of peace and calm in various religious places

  4. Principles behind certain rituals and phenomena: In this course you will also learn the esoteric universal principles behind various rituals like cremation, tonsure, etc. as well as phenomena like the soul’s journey at and after death, at and before birth, mediumship at seances, etc. You also get to study the several interesting types and applications of clairvoyance as well as familiarise with what a clairvoyant can see and how they can develop clairvoyant sight.

  5. Principles and workings of the Etheric Chakras: You will learn the workings and significance of each of the etheric chakras and how they impact our day to day life. Each chakra has an important role corresponding to our physical as well as astral body and this program will help you understand its importance from the vitality and astral point of views

The Etheric Double by Arthur E Powell- A Book Study Session
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