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How To Set Up Your Fabulous ESL Business

The beginner's guide to setting up your own English Language School, at home or abroad!
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identify and establish your ESL teaching niche
build networks of peers in any country where you're teaching
build a personal brand
market your training propositions

Want to answer the question: what does it take to succeed as an ESL trainer?

An effective, qualified trainer can not only have a profound effect on their students' lives - both professionally and personally - but can also build a financially rewarding career.

In my ten years as an ESL trainer I've moved from language school L-plater to fully-booked freelancer, and this course details how you can enjoy the same success.

Through a combination of video, audio and text lectures delivered in my trademark sunshine style, I cover the six steps I've identified as necessary to establish a successful solo career as an ESL trainer. And all compressed into 40 minutes!

Take this course to get your ESL career soaring!

"Jacqueline has been my trainer since 2009, and has worked with me to improve my skills in English communication, specifically in business writing, speaking and presentations. She takes a communicative approach, simulating real-life situations, and has a wealth of knowledge to pull from." - Claudia Broghammer, Management Consultant at HR Campus AG

"Jacqueline was my colleague at inlingua Chemnitz for three years. In the course of this time I could watch her developing from “just" a skilful speaker of English into a passionate, TESOL-qualified language trainer who very soon became a favourite with her employer, colleagues and clients. Her warm, welcoming and open-minded personality as well as her dedication to high quality and goal orientation made her a wonderful and reliable colleague to work with." - Anja Pleul, Öffentlich bestellte und allgemein beeidigte Übersetzerin für Englisch / Sprachtrainerin Englisch / DaF

How To Set Up Your Fabulous ESL Business
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