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ES6 JavaScript

Developing Apps Using EcmaScript2015
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Learn the latest version of EcmaScript6
Discover new shortcuts and language capabilities interactively
Create ES6 new keywords, modules, iterations, Collections and Classes

ES6 JavaScript is a course designed to walk through the latest and greatest features of developing in JavaScript. The language has literally become a mature, beautiful representation of development. Its now possible to create classes, refer to contexts in execution, define methods, write cleaner and more concise anonymous classes and so much more.

This course is more advanced than the other courses taught and assumes some fundamental knowledge of javascript. This course is intended as a visual reference to the capabilities for using ES6. The course includes a complete walk through of terminology, illustrations and examples of developing using popular transpilers.

The course can be completed in approximately several hours and referred to throughout the evolution of ES6. As ES6 becomes a more prominent technology, this course will continue to work for you.

Take this course if you want to deepen your knowledge with the JavaScript language and write cleaner, more concise javascript in apps.

ES6 JavaScript
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