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ERISA Compliance: A Requirement for Employers of All Sizes

This course reviews ERISA Title obligations, requirements and risks as it applies to health and welfare plans.
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Clearly identify the level of compliance with ERISA for all health and welfare plans offered.
Discern what actions will require additional compliance documents or a rewrite of current documents.
Differentiate between requirements of various laws and at what size of company each is applicable.

This course reviews ERISA Title I as it applies to health and welfare plans for all employers.

ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974) is a requirement for employers of all sizes. Designed to protect the rights of workers, it provides the framework for employee welfare benefit plans such as medical, dental, vision, and other ancillary coverages.

Unfortunately, many employers are not in compliance simply because they don’t realize it is applicable to them, have not updated their plans with newer laws, or because they assume that their insurance carrier is handling it all on their behalf.

The course will cover the basics of ERISA compliance, including what is covered, obligations and risks, and what is required of companies, depending on their size, in order to be compliant. We will also touch on other applicable benefit laws, including the ACA and HIPPA.

We will discuss:

  • Reporting and disclosure

  • Fiduciary responsibilities

  • Administration and enforcement

  • Additional standards - including COBRA

  • Group health insurance requirements

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ERISA Compliance: A Requirement for Employers of All Sizes
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