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Beginner's Course in Film Making and Video Production

Learn video production and story techniques to make your vision come to life.. Get financing, Get on IMDB fast and easy
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Begin making short films and movies.
Will be better at sound recording then 99 percnet of starting students
Think like a filmmaker
Have a better understanding of screenplay and story structure.
Learn hundreds of cinematic techniques to tell your stories.
At the end of the course you will be able to make a film or short film and get it onto IMDB.
Film Financing. How to get money for your movies.

It has never been easier to be a filmmaker. But there are so many components involved how do you start?

How would you like to easily shoot beautiful looking cinematic films? Whether you want to shoot on YouTube, enter film festivals, get into film school or make your first feature film.

A few quick ways to get your film financed. Some are easy some are hard. But several ways to raise money for your film or project.

How would you like to get on IMDB and start building your professional film credit resume?

This course will show you how to shoot your film and get on IMDB to jump-start your film career.

Even if you are just building social media campaigns using video or trying to improve your filmmaking abilities. I am going to teach you how.

This course is designed to take the absolute beginner and turn you into a filmmaker. Film-making takes a lifetime to master. But this course will get you on your way and even if you are proficient will help improve your skills as a film-maker and storyteller.

Here is what the course will help you do.

It will show you inexpensive equipment that can yield professional-caliber results.

How to get your name on IMDB and start building your film credits as a professional filmmaker.

It will give tips on how you can create your first short and give you step by step instructions on getting that film listed on IMDB.

What mistakes to avoid for your first film. If you have been entering film festivals with no results. This will help you rise above the others.

You also get access to me by initiating discussions inside the course and can always reach me if you have any questions.

I've helped over 20,000 people, just like you, to make money  better movies and videos, (with lots of successful film deals) and I look forward to helping you!

Be sure to scroll down and review some of the free preview lectures and then, make the decision to change your life with this groundbreaking course!

Your enrollment is backed by Udemy's 100%, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee, so enroll today with confidence.

What are the requirements?

Access to a computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

A willingness to learn through step-by-step demonstrations and then put that learning into action to achieve success.

An understanding that you are learning from a person who has made over 50 films and hundreds of commercials, who can greatly increase your skills and knowledge.

Who is the target audience?

Anyone who wants to learn film-making techniques

Anyone who wants to improve your story telling abilities.

Anyone who wants to learn professional screenplay writing tips and techniques.

Anyone who wants to make short films, videos for YouTube or just learn how to tell better stories through the language of cinema.

Beginner's Course in Film Making and Video Production
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