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Equity Swaps

A broad overview of this rapidly-evolving section of the derivatives markets, covering contract details, pricing & more.
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You'll learn the basics and fundamental principles of equity swaps
You'll learn pricing and valuation issues of equity swaps

This course will give you a broad overview of this rapidly-evolving section of the derivatives markets. Swaps in general will be introduced, and then the course will segue into an introduction to equity swaps, look at the various details of the contracts, the applications that market participants use them for, as well as pricing and valuation issues.

This course contains 18 lectures divided into5 sections, including: 

  • Introduction to Equity Swaps

  • Equity Swap Contracts

  • OTC Clearinghouses

  • Equity Swap Structures and Applications

  • Variance Swaps

Equity Swaps
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