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Equity Products

Introduction to the types of equity products, types of shares and exchanges, investors, diversification and volatility.
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To describe the full range of equity products available globally.
To discuss the structure and pricing of equities and their indices.
To articulate how equity products are traded.
To understand the various relevant equity derivative products and how they work.

This course on equity products introduces equities by providing an overview of the types of products, including both direct and indirect investments. The program demonstrates the types of shares and exchanges and investors. It also discusses importance of diversification and volatility, and the role each plays in equity portfolios. The course will then further cover equity indices and go into some depth in covering tracking funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs). The program introduces derivatives, forward contracts, futures, equity swaps, options, and structured products.

This course consists of 16 lectures across 3 sections:

· An Introduction to Equities

· Understanding Equity Indices

· How to Buy the Market

Equity Products
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