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ePLAN Electric P8 Heavyweight Vol.2/2 - 2D Panel, Parts

Learn how to properly work with databases (Access), parts and 2D panel layout in Eplan Electric P8
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To get the most of Eplan Electric P8 by using it the proper way (in this course databases, parts, 2D panel layout)
To manage databases (Access) and parts in Eplan
To assign parts to various elements in the schematics - devices, cables, terminals etc.
To import DWG/DXF files to Eplan and to adjust them to your need
To create 2D mounting panel layout properly
To place various elements on the mounting panel
To setup, generate and adjust Enclosure legend and place it on the page of the panel layout.
To solve various issues when working with parts (function definition, too many connections at a connection point etc.)
To generate reports for parts - parts list and summarized parts list in Eplan

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this is not an official EPLAN course. For official training and certification as well as for the purchase of EPLAN software contact the manufacturer of the software.

Important: Lecture 2  of the ePLAN Heavyweight Vol. 1 course (free preview) shows you how to download and import parts from Siemens and Phoenix Contact without access to Data Portal.

*** UPDATES ***

- September 11, 2019 - Captions in English (EDITED, not auto-generated).

Dear Student,

In this tutorial we are going to continue to work on our automation project we created in the EPLAN Vol.1 Course. We are going to further expand our project by assigning parts to all the elements in the schematics and then we are going to create 2D mounting panel layouts for all of the cabinets.

Of course, as in the previous course, I am going to share with you a number of useful tips and tricks as you make your progress through the lectures.

If you feel that you are still somewhere on the beginner's level in EPLAN then I recommend that you check my first EPLAN course (Eplan Heavyweight Vol.1) where I show you how to start to work in EPLAN from scratch - i.e. from creating a project all the way up to creating circuit diagrams for PLC and some advanced topis like editing plotframe/form and EPLAN's "Check project" functionality.

I hope you will find this course valuable and I wish you a lot of fun and a lot of success in mastering Eplan Electric P8.

See you in the lectures!

Your Instructor for Electrical Design,


ePLAN Electric P8 Heavyweight Vol.2/2 - 2D Panel, Parts
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