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EPIC: A 20 Week Plan to Lose Fat and Build Lean Muscle

Build Muscle, Gain Strength and Torch Fat in this Balanced Approach. Meal Plan Included!
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Experience how nutrition can effect performance and results.
Achieve a new level of muscular strength and endurance.
Decrease body fat.
Improve self-confidence and appearance.
Learn proper form for all exercises.
Complete a 20 week strength, cardio and nutritional training plan!

EPIC is my most intense trainer so far. It is hardcore and effective.  It is a challenging 20 week trainer that will work you hard.  It will build muscle and lean you out.  Your strength, endurance and dedication will reach new levels.  You will witness your own body transform as the weeks go by!  

Results will be noticeable in just 1 week!

The program is a balanced approach to training meaning you will work on building muscle and increasing muscle definition all while leaning out at the same time.  Variety through exercises, sets, reps and intensity are included to avoid those plateaus as much as possible!   All the details have been written out for you.  You will know exactly what exercises, sets and reps to do on any given day.   No guess work here!

This program also includes a full meal plan for the entire 20 weeks.  I will tell you what to eat and when to help you drop body fat and put on lean muscle.  Your application and dedication to the meal plan will make a huge difference in reaching your goals.

As the program moves on, you will only work harder.  I don't want you to be afraid to lift heavy.  That is what will bring results. It won't always be easy and you may shed a tear or too, but in the end this will be worth it because you are worth it!

So if you are willing and serious about getting the body you have always wanted, come give EPIC a try!  

Enroll today and get training.  

Why wait another day?

EPIC: A 20 Week Plan to Lose Fat and Build Lean Muscle
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