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Easy Online Course Creation for Mompreneurs

For Not-So-Techie Mompreneurs With Little Time and Little Budget
Course from Udemy
 700 students enrolled
Create a profitable and attractive online course without hassle or expensive tools
Motivation and confidence to share your brilliance with the world
Open the door of possibility to a new stream of passive income
Market your course for FREE
Create an attractive course without being techie or showing yourself on video

EASY Online Course Creation is the passionate mompreneur’s guide to creating their first online course. This short yet powerful and productive course combines simple and practical strategies for online course creation students need to reach their goals, complete the course, and deliver their online course to the world - and get paid for it!  With motivational and empowerment talks sprinkled throughout, students not only have access to simple, yet profitable solutions to their course creation problems, they get the power boost and power talks they need to never quit on their course creation goals, dreams and big picture business personal and life vision.

In this easy-to-follow and content-rich course, Rhonda Kinard, Your Ignited Instructor, shares the exact steps you need to take to create your first online course and attract students to YOUR course – even in a crowded marketplace!

This is not one of those courses that tells you how to create a profitable online.

In this course, Your Ignited Instructor,


In Easy Online Course Creation, you'll also learn how to plan for course creation using a proven and profitable strategy for organizing your course content, and publishing a course, that students will love and rave about!

With over 2,500 students, spanning over 110 countries, enrolled in her courses, both online and in person, and with an above average course rating in all her courses, Rhonda Kinard,Your Ignited Instructor, knows exactly what you need to do to complete your course, create value for your students, make the course stand out in them marketplace, and get paid in the process.

Using three simple and inexpensive software tools (one is FREE) this course takes a deep dive into course creation by teaching you course creation and marketplace fundamentals.

For this course you need the following:

  • Canva Account (Free)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Camtasia
  • Microphone (less than $75)

At the completion of this course, you will have a toolbox full of new skills and strategies that will help you create your profitable online course.

** Course Disclaimer: Taking this course is not a guarantee that you will complete your course or be profitable. This course will give you skills and strategies you need to be successful, but there is no guarantee as to how you will use the skills and strategies provided. Learning, and then using the skills effectively will increase your chances of success with online course creation, but there are no guarantees. **

Easy Online Course Creation for Mompreneurs
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