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Understand the role of kinetics in enzymatic reactions
Differentiate between equilibrium and steady state kinetics and analyze kinetic data
Solve kinetic related exercises and estimate important parameter (Km. Vmax, Kcat etc)
Understand the kinetics of enzyme inhibition and regulation
Comprehend the role of kinetics in understanding reaction mechanisms
Have the essential knowledge about enzymes which prepares students for more detailed courses if they are acquiring a higher degree

This course is a beginner to intermediate level  course in enzymology designed specifically for students in science, biochemistry, and medical schools. The course will cover a wide range of subjects such:

a.Classification of enzyme

b.Properties, mechanism and kinetics of enzyme catalyzed reaction

c.Derivation of the Michaelis Menton equation

d.Regulation of enzyme activities

e.Enzyme Inhibition (Reversible and Irreversible)

f.Mechanism of multi-substrate reaction

g.Chemical modes of enzymatic catalysis

h.Binding Modes of enzymatic catalysis

i.Examples of mechanism of some important enzymes (serine proteases and Lysozymes)

j.Solving  Exercises

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