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Environmentalism through Film

How do we impact our environment, and how does our environment impact us?
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Humanity's Impact on the Environment, and the Environment's Impact on Us

This course explores a myriad of environmental issues including factory farming and agribusiness, ocean conservation, natural disasters, and hydraulic fracturing for natural gas through the documentaries Food Inc., The Cove, The End of the Line, The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom, and Gasland. Students who take this course will deepen their understanding of how individual choices and governmental policies impact the earth. They will strengthen their literacy skills by reading and analyzing articles. They will also develop their critical thinking skills by comparing and contrasting perspectives and evaluating positions relating to environmental issues. Additionally, students will explore how these issues are exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic by reading recent articles by experts in the field and by doing their own research on how the pandemic impacts their own communities. This course is perfect for educators and parents who seek to help their students develop consciousness of the world they live in and how their actions can make a difference. Each unit begins an introduction to the issues, which presents videos or articles with background knowledge. After completing the introduction activities, the student will be prompted to watch the film at a link provided by the course. While watching, the student will answer “Active Viewing” questions to check for understanding. After the film, there are reaction activities in which the student explores themes and film elements. Lastly, some units include a “Classroom to Community” section in which the student develops their research and advocacy skills.

Environmentalism through Film
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